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Have you ever wanted to see a pissed off feminist strip club owner hurricane kick an eight foot tall, purple suit wearing pimp because he’s been smacking up her talent? How about a Japanese foreign exchange student unleash her wild imagination in the form of an attack octopus amidst a sea of cute, but deadly, kitties? Perhaps a dominatrix who loves pain, pushing herself to the cusp of death, which allows her to conjure demonic magic?

Welcome to the Pole Force One universe, where anyone is capable of unlocking their own unique super powers and abilities through rigorous training. In a dystopic society full of crime and corruption, these sexy women have banded together with the technological support of their DJ to form a team whose goal is to rid the world of injustices. Sex slavery, violent drug lords, religious extremists, corrupt governments and greedy corporations will all be brought to justice as these ladies battle around the world!


Pole Force One was an idea born during a brainstorming sessions where the intent was to come up with ridiculous ideas that would make people laugh. One idea was "super hero pole dancers" and after exploring the idea more in-depth, a story began to emerge about three women who banded together through their shared risqué hobby, who all wanted to make a difference in the world and eventually discovered that through training, that they gained super powers!


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About ComboMash Entertainment Inc.

ComboMash Entertainment Inc is an independent video game company which produces cross platform entertainment media. We are focussed on producing in-house intellectual property through rapid prototyping, fostering growth in the local game development community and promoting a positive world impact in our projects using story, character & motif.

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Pole Force One Credits

Grant Moore
Creative Director, Art Lead

Neil Grey
Managing Director, Programming Lead

Kris Hammes
3D Character Artist, Freelancer

Chris Taylor
Concept Artist, Freelancer




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