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There has been some significant progress made on Pole Force One this past month, as an early prototype concept it’s really starting to shine and give a glimmer of what the final game could eventually be. A lot of work has been put towards making the game look and feel right. It’s a long way from being a playable prototype ready for others to try, but in it’s current form it’s not only lending confidence to those of you who have been following the progress, but more importantly, to myself as the developer.

BitcoinStarter Campaign a Success!

You might notice a bunch of mentions of Bitcoin throughout my website. And if you don’t know what “Bitcoin” is, I suggest you watch this video and maybe ask me about it in private. Well long story short, it’s a new form of digital currency that’s just starting to be adopted by the tech industry and recently I ran a crowd funding campaign that accepted donations exclusively using this currency, and it was a success! As part of my pledge to that campaign, I promised to promote the digital currency in game as well as make it part of my business. Right now I am accepting donations (and if you do donate, please comment) but will eventually set up a Bitcoin payment system post-Kickstarter for all pre-orders for my games.

Pole Force One Progress

There’s a level with a character, and it’s looking sexy. Really, I don’t really want to get too much into the nitty gritty, but suffice to say the basic motions are done, the basic introductory section of the first level has been worked out, high quality light baking is figured out, some early tests on the OUYA are looking promising (and have helped identify what steps will be required to make it run as smoothly on the system) and plenty of other technical updates. Just take a look at the video below and see for yourself!

And with that, I must lament that I most likely won’t be sharing too much more in terms of visuals about the project until it launches on Kickstarter next February. While I absolutely love to show off my latest progress and hear what people have to say, I need a collection of impressive materials to make the launch an awe inspiring moment. Because I “care” about this project, I must not “share” my progress… get it? Yeah, it’s not funny, but it’s tough coming up with a clever title for these each month! Anyhow, enjoy waiting in anticipation until next February, mwwhahahaha!

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